Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I must admit I love flying the JU. I look for any oppurtunity to practise my skills with it, usually involving doing infantry resup runs. Finding landing strips next to an AB can certainly be an interesting expierence.
The JU is also ridicolously easy to fly (as mentioned in a previous entry my 4 year old son can fly it) and does so even on two engines. This is something I've had particular exposure too the last two nights..

- Two nights ago we were attempting to rush para's to Grobb to get it contested 20 minutes before the server went down...In my rush to get off the AF I made a rudder turn and dipped my left prop into the ground...took off no problems and while the trip was a bit slow I had no problems flying. Gods I love this plane.

- Last night I wanted to ferry sappers from Leuven to Aarschott...circled Leuven a cpl of times and attempted to land on a fairly open strip of land east of town...whoops berms!, tonk tonk. There goes the left prop again. Taking off wasn't as easy this time. I had a short field with limited maneouver, as I started taking off the plane was dipping to the left, I found myself physically leaning the other way in some sort of attempt to right the plane. Took off at not quite a 45 degree angle while just clearing some trees.

It was at this point I realised I still had my flaps down.


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