Monday, July 25, 2005

Why I play.

So I just pre-ordered Battleground Europe, 'Troop your a fanboi!' I hear you say.
Well your right and let me tell you why.

First off I realise this game is not perfect and I for one have disagreed with a lot of CRS's decisions but at the end of the day one fact remains:

There is no other game like World War 2 Online.

For sure there are ww2 FPS's, simulators and even games that combine all elements such as Battlefield but they are all lacking.

I've played Battlefield 1942, used to play a lot of Day of Defeat and still some Counterstrike, why do I keep coming back to ww2ol? Because it gives you a point to playing.

The biggest knock, to me at least, for games such as DoD or Battlefield is that there is no POINT to winning the game. Sure the action is fun, the graphics are better than ww2ol but what do you get for winning a round? For winning a map? Nada.

ww2ol players are a different bunch and I'll bet that if you ask them that this is the way they feel. I can play Counterstrike for short periods of time, I still do for a quick action buzz but I get bored quickly. 'Whoopee I killed 3 CTs and planted the bomb, welp lets do it again!'

You might say 'but troop in ww2ol your fighting over the same map as well!'. Your right but the scale is 1000x that of a counterstrike round or a Battlefield map. ww2ol is something I can follow when I'm not playing, I can check the web map and be emotionally invested in whats going on. 'Crap they took Luxembourgh back!', 'woot we got Oostmalle'.
When we fight to get a town tonight we know that our actions are going to matter tommorow. A campaign that lasts 6 weeks is certainly more interesting than a map that lasts 30 minutes.

No one in 4 years has come close to making a meta game such as ww2ol. Maybe one day they will and maybe I'll go play that, but until then CRS has my money.


At 11:57 AM, Blogger Comstar said...

There is no other game like World War 2 Online.

Excatly. Noitce BF2 took the same elements as CRS is going (squads, commanders). Mobile spawn points need ability to get out of the truck though.


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