Monday, August 01, 2005

Infantry AI has to go.

There is no reason for it to exist. Remove it now.

There are AO's and EWS so people can't waltz into towns undefended. Infantry AI simply serves to annoy the hell out of myself and other infantry players.

Oh yeah I love nothing better than spending 15 minutes working my way into town to be cut down by a computer controlled savant who can see through walls and never misses.

It has NO redeeming qualities.


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Comstar said...

It won't shoot at you if you're behind solid cover (not concelment).

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Szyporyn said...

I agree Troop

Whit EWS and AO's and upcomming full Brigade Spawnin where Brigades are tied to their Area of Operations it needs to go

Also it would be nice if players allway killed the AI's they see - dunno why so many wont kill em just coz there is no stats in it :-(


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