Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ramblings on ToEs.

Preface: ToE = Table of Equipment. The term assigned to the game mechanic where brigades will be tied to a specific location with a specific list of equipment.

Just sitting here at work throwing some random thoughts about ToE's in my head. I still don't know exactly how they will be implemented and to be perfectly honest I dont think CRS is 100% sure either.

But that doesn't stop me thinking about some of the variations...let's take the following situation for example:

I was thinking of 2 ID , BEF. We have 3 brigades and typically our AO is the southern half of the BEF front. (Stop yelling at me about security, if the Axis haven't figured this out after 3 years of it being this way then we have nothing to fear.). This front is usually 3 towns - Aarschott, Tienan and Eghezee. 1 brigade per town, brilliant! But thats kind of boring no? What if I want to attack an Axis town, do I have no chance to double up my brigades to create numerical superiority? Well I probably will have the ability to do that but that then leaves one of my towns empty.

Well that kind of sucks doesn't it?

So what if CRS gave us the ability to create 'demi-brigades' where the ToE of a brigade could be placed in an adjacent town (must be adjacent no?) and would comprimise half or a 1/3 of the listed brigade strength.

So for instance 2ID would be laid out as following , 5 BDGE (inf) in Aarschott, 4 BDGE (inf) is in Eghezee, 2AB (armour) is in Tienan. I split 4 BDGE into two parts leaving the weaker in Eghezee and moving the rest into Tienan for an attack on St. Truiden alongside 2AB.

With the addition of extra maneouver elements I think this would make the ToE game in ww2ol more complex and more fun/challenging for all involved.



At 10:53 PM, Blogger Comstar said...

An interesting idea...but CRS has givin no indication that's going to happen.

If you're in 5th BDE, you can expect to spend a large chunk of the map defending Tienein.

Besides, a 1/3 of a brigade is a battalion, not a demo-brigade :).

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Troop said...

yah yah whatever.:P


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