Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blinking cursor.

Been staring at a new post window for about half a day now. Inspiration is dodging me.

So ww2ol is to get a Mature 17+ rating. To quote the PS forum post title '.WTF?'. BRP's* are considered blood and violence? Please. Maybe the sight of turrets popping is to much for poor innocent 14 year old eyes. Yeah that must be it.

Cheers to the ESRB and knee-jerk reactions. 'Oh my god! That evil Grand Theft Auto game can have a scene where you have sex with a hooker! Quick call the Whitehouse!'. Because killing cops, running over pedestrians , doing drug deals and pimping weren't reason enough. People suck. And I still think the GTA series went downhill after No. 1.

So the good news is that CRS will probably give us more blood. Hey you might as well get good value out of your rating!

*If you still dont know what a BRP is your still a noob.

And yes I have nothing better to do than steal stuff from Comstar's blog.


At 10:50 PM, Blogger Comstar said...

Taking notes from another blog is what blogs are writtin for! Feel free to do it anytime, I know I do.


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