Friday, August 12, 2005

1.19.5 first impressions.

1.19.5 is , as far as I can tell, the gold candidate for BE release. (Sept 13th, per EB Games). Almost certainly there will be a patch to download on release day, but that is pretty standard amongst the MMOLG industry nowadays (and consider it will be a month between gold and release).

There's not a lot new in this release but there certainly are some pleasant suprises:

- Desktop icon to launch game. Thank god. I know there was a way to do it beforehand but that involved, you know, effort. 3 woots.

- New trees and bushes. Sweet looking, mmmmmm berries (though they look like red 6 sided dice to me) and cool spruces?. 4 woots.

- Improved performance. Definately FPS is better, less chugging over towns and the like (still rough but much more playable). Made 2 110s go boom over Aarschott last night. 5 woots.

Thats about it boys and girls. We anxiously await 1.20 news today from CRS.


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