Monday, August 15, 2005

Fun with VD!

That's visual damage you gutter thinkers.

Blew my first tail off yesterday. Stupid newbies who go on autopilot out of a combat zone.....(Click here to see what Im talking about).

My other expierence was on the receiving end unfortunately...

Here's a brief transcription of my radio lag from the incident.

'Haha that 110 sucked, the worst BNZ ever'
'Now Im going to line him up for a sweet kill'
'HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WHO JUST SET OFF A BOMB BEHIND ME' (Actually that's what a 190 sounds like when it unloads on you)
'Flat spin, this isn't good'
'Stick forward...this aint working, lets check the plane'
'Tail is there'
'Left wing is there'
'Right wing is th...nope ...missing one right wing'
'uh oh'
-end transmission-


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