Friday, August 19, 2005

How to have a bad night in ww2ol.

I'm due for some seriously good karma after last night. Now, let us begin my tale of woe.

First off was the Para mission from Brussels to attack the NAB at Antwerp. This was actually the best of the night , its all downhill afterwards. We made it to the DZ where the jumpmaster lagged/went idle/spaced out. So we ended up dropping all over the place everywhere from right on the AB to 2k north of it. Nevertheless we were picked off fairly quickly.

So then I get to thinking that a surprise glider attack would be a better idea. Paras give to much warning (Oh look at the big silk thing floating in the sky!). We mount up some infantry at a rear town and start to glide in on the JU. Luckily for us we found the only panzer guarding the NAB. Oh happy times! Everyones dead before the JU even comes to a stop.

Ok, ok one more try. Load up infantry again, got about 15 this time, we were going to land outside of the town this time. Coming in for landing and the pilot lags into the ground. All passengers dead. woohoo.

The moral of this story is to never, ever get into a JU with troop. Not to mention the fact I got shot down the night before ferrying sappers to Tienen, and then when we tried to do it by truck I got strafed (probably by the same plane) with everyone getting killed.

To add insult to injury while we were waiting for our JU on the 3rd trip I decided to shoot a small movie at the AB. After doing 3-4 takes and boarding the plane I realised I had closed out fraps earlier in the night and therefore had shot nothing.

Oh and my headset mic stopped working.


I'll be back tonight.:D


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