Friday, October 15, 2004


Red Sox down 2-0 and Schilling is out for the series. You have to laugh, its the only way to survive. I've promised a workmate that if the Red Sox win the ALCS I'll eat a cardboard cereal box.

Ive currently unsubscribed from ww2ol due to financial restraints. Bummer. Of course it became moot when I blew up my computer a cpl of nights ago.:(

Well I think its blown up, Im really hoping its the PS not the motherboard. Not that I can afford either right now.

Yay is me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

More civ3, redsox and ww2ol ramblings.

Red Sox in 5. Schill closes it out with a win in Game 5 at Fenway. YEAH BABY!
I maybe the only Red Sox fan who didnt like the way the Sox won on Friday night. Trust me to find issues in a series win...I wish they'd won it 6-1 with Arroyo getting the win, he pitched damn fact gave up less earned runs than Schilling or Pedro..woot. He's matched up against K Brown in Game 3.
Its kinda amazing how into this I get, right now Im an absolute bundle of nerves before Game 1 and 5 1/2 years ago I couldn't name a SINGLE player on the Red Sox...probably couldnt even tell you what town they played in. Now, well Ive become your typical crazy Red Sox fan. woot.

Civ 3 stuff - Going to finish my game. Persia and Rome have a mutual protection pact and are at war against Greece and Babylon. Doesnt concern me except for the large armies of Rome constantly tracking across my empire.bah.
So Ive decided screw it, Im going to war with Rome and Persia. This way it'll be more fun.
So here is the war strategy -
- Next 10-15 turns going to pump out mech inf, bombers and a few naval units for behind the lines invasions.
- Extend depth of fortress wall along Persian border and stock up with some more infantry with some arty/bomber support.
- Possible tactic - Sign Freedom of Passage with Rome and position armys next to important towns and resources (cut off his iron and rubber!). This is kinda cheesy though. Id rather go with seaborne invasions along his coast supported by carriers and BBs.
- Revolt government to Communism for war time.
- Hold off Persia while striking at Rome. I share a short border with Persia that I have fortressed off so Im confident that I can hold em at that line indefinately. I share a bigass border with Rome running roughly W to E (he is to my South) that cant really be defended passively. I will move out at least 5-6 army groups, using armies where I have them to strike for his bigger cities. I will also have at least 3 naval invasions take place along his border aiming for critical resources to his production of units (espcially inf).

It'll be long and bloody but I'll win. In my 10-15 turns of buildup hopefully Persia-rme will take a large chunk out of Greece-Babylonian so I can roll them up easy enough later.

Anyway onto ww2ol ramblings -

Still no rank gain in FAF, had one sortie and I got done by a 109...even with 6 other FAF fighters on his tail..thanks guys! no really thanks! blah.

For some reason I've lost ALL ability to hit planes with a CMLE. Dunno whats wrong cause everyone else is hitting them fine...and I mean not even damages Im talking despawning with NOTHING listed as hit. Still there's nothing prettier than watching a JU lose a wing overhead and plow into the fun.

6pdrs have HE, man the Axis must hate that. Ive already advanced the idea that we should now let the Axis get the 3H just so that we can pwn it and make them cry.

Another RDP prod update. Hey Gophur?! WE DONT CARE! Enough with the FRICKIN BORING RDP UPDATES give us some real news..please.

Killer's still rambling on about mobile truck spawning. Interesting. The one thing that was interesting was that he was talking more about having ppl spawn all their equipment in ...attack/defend then battle over...not spawn in attack, respawn respawn respawn...A move to the more set piece battles that I'd like to see.
The bad news is that he thought that vehicle numbers would have to be raised to accomadate this.

'NOnonononoNOnNONONNONONON' We dont need more vehicles really, let them play infantry. pleASE.

And thats it.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

ww2ol, civ3 and the Redsox

ok its been a while and Ive barely played ww2ol. In fact I may have only spawned in once for this campaign.

Supposdly this is a seasonally low time for player numbers and boy does it show. Logging on at around 10pm EST and your lucky to find one town contested. I tried playing some last night to get my mind off the red sox (more on this later) and took a Dewo from Vliss to meet up with some squadies over Roos (still looking for that elusive FAF rank). I just start to dive down to investigate when the wife calls me. I cannot BEGIN TO TELL YOU how many planes Ive lost that way having to go afk because of her..So I get annoyed, still no action and quit. Tried playing some OFP , got bored, saw the Red Sox tied and ended up watching the rest of the game.

WOOT RED SOX! Seriously its gonna give me an ulcer and the only reason I ended up watching the game was because we took the lead. WHOS GOT THE F'ING BETTER BULLPEN NOW HUH?? HOWS YOUR PRECIOUS K-ROD?!? haha. Sorry. Bring on game 3 , pleeeeaaase let them sweep.

Ok so now lets talk about my latest Civ 3 game for something different. I simply cant play anything but egyptian...industrius + religious is just too good. Great worker bonuses and no ridicolously long disorders while changing governments. I have a nice big empire with a large powerful Romans to my south..who are starting to get annoyed at me...they also have a heap of troops in my territory moving to kill the Greeks or something. Greeks , Persians, Babys are on the E side of the continent with the two halfs connected by a smallish land bridge. Which btw I dominate and have a wall of fortresses with each square garrisoned...theres one space open to let the Romans GET THE F OFF MY LAND.

So anyway I finally gained the tech lead around 'Steel' and got a golden age shortly after WOOT!...Theres a smaller island off the main continent inhabited by the Germans and Zulus who are way back in tech...So I invaded for something to do.
I originally established a foothold in a short war I had with the Babylonians. They declared war on me for some stupid reason and I just drafted a bunch of infantry and protected all my cities. They never launched any serious attacks and I built a bunch of cavalry and arty and took the 3-4 cities they had behind my territory (I always like to shore up my lines) and those cities on the other continent. No elite victoires though..:( (Damn those are hard!).

Anyway built a decent transport fleet and shipped some Cav over and attacked the German cities...finished easily and I got my Leader..woot! Was in the Golden Age so I got tanks pretty quickly and started mass producing veteran tanks. Germans were dispatched and I took a quick 10 cities off the Zulu...they start mass producing all those idiots unit which annoy the crap out of you...impis, cavalry, muskeeters/rifleman..Is there anything more annoying than losing a tank to a f'ing IMPI?? I MEAN GIVE ME A BREAK!?!. Eventually my populace got restless and I declared a truce..and then at the same time lost my golden age before I got computers...


This is usually where I give up on my Civ games. Attacking cities stocked to the gills with infantry is simply too annoying. I thinking maybe I'll research nukes and bomb the rest of the world into submission. Really Im starting to get bored already and Id like to finish a game for once. I asked the Romans to move their forces out of my territory and they declared war so Im going to have to redo that (all my tanks are on the other continent). And the Romans will FLOOD me with shitty units anyway..which wont be fun. And the border is to big to try and garrison the whole thing...

Hrrm note to self does motorized inf have ZOC? Still thats a f'ing lot of territory to cover. I wish the AI wasnt so retarded.

And I wish naval units moved quicker, they really are useless due to their lack of MP's (espcially consider how quick rail moves over land and its NOT Realistic).

Well anyway I really really should finish one game of it. Maybe, like Im supposed to finish BG II and KOTOR...yeah whatever.:P~