Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The power, the power!!

Im now 7 IC of 4bdge 2nd Division BEF.

Bow down before me puny mortals.....or not.

Not sure what its gonna do but the head rush is enjoyable...........

Rules for Paratrooping in WW2OL.

Heres my shot at the rules paras would have to be implemented with in ww2ol.

1. Para infantry is only spawnable at AF AB's.

2. When dropping from transport plane ALL para's are released. It must either be all or nothing. (This is to prevent someone dropping 1 para over a dozen cities for moling gimpery) Credit to Sres for this idea.

3. Para Infantry, and ONLY para infantry may cap flags that are not in front line towns. However they can only cap flags in towns that have a LINK to a frontline town. Why? This is to stop paras being dropped willy nilly over the map to creating moling nightmares for defending troops. I believe that it also reflects the fact that RL commanders would not commit Paras to be dropped deep in the middle of enemy territory when they faced certain death or capture. Consider if you will the major airborne drops of ww2 in ww2ol towns. Crete wouldve had frontline towns (Germany controlled Greece), Normandy was essiantially one town back (English SE coast to Norman coast being the frontline), Eben Emmel(sp) maybe one town back. The Arnhem drops may have been a bit further but still falls within the spirit of the rule.

4. Per 3, Paras can cap flags and can capture towns however they will not get any supply if they have no link to a friendly town, they will either have to have reinforcements dropped by air or be relieved by land.

5. If an AF is a frontline town Paras cannot be spawned at it (to prevent hardcore moling)

6. Para infantry will be a deployed group like a bomber squadron. (Actually I dont know if this will work, will it be part of a brigade? If so how can it be seperate from the rest. Paras infantry shouldnt be enough to be its own brigade)

Still sounds like fun no?

Carpet Bombing.

I love the bomb effects in game...drone as they drop, the large BANG as they hit , bit of screen shake etc...I find it somewhat immersive.

However there never seem to be many, notice how whenever you see a HE111 over a town theres only 1. Challenge for an Axis squad, bring like 6 HE111s and carpet bomb a town, personally I think that'd be damn cool to be in...who cares how many kills you get as long as it looks cool!

ahhhh visual damage

Ahh theres nothing like seeing the tail pop off a 110 under a hail of 20mm.

Another cool thing is the exploding plane effect, espcially when two planes collide. However it aint cool if your one of those planes..doh!

Monday, August 30, 2004

The FAF.

Man is it any wonder the French suffer for players? Your two fighters are the H75 and the Dewo...and your RDP fighters require at least LT rank to fly. If your a 109 pilot and cant, wth some patience, handle either of those planes you should be fired from the LW.
The RAAF on the other hand gets the hurri and Spit and the Hurri2C can be flown at Cpl or Sgt (at least Sgt).

Mind you I like the H75, turns on a dime. Great for hunting Stukas or if your feeling particularly mean , strafing opels.

So anyway Ive gone back to ranking up in the FAF so I can fly H81s and Bells (Cavalier somehow manages to get my physced up to fly a plane thats most likely way above my capabilities ..oh well....of course he also likes Dewos so maybe I shouldnt listen to him..)

Found a Stuka loiterning over St. Quentin two nights ago ...he didnt find me...I LOVE 20mm. Makes up for all those times youve sat on the 6 of a Stuka with a hurri until you've run outa ammo and its still flying. Made Sgt and was disgusted that I still cant get Bells or H81s.....muttermutterbitchbitch.

Last night took a Dewo outa Lille (remember boys and girls look in the non mission spawn list)...flew to Korjiek(sp) the southernmost BEF frontline town. No EA when I got there but SgtMajor (fellow ANZAC) was on the ground and I asked him to keep a look out. Few minutes later he reports 109 and Im thinking 'uh oh'....

Well anyway I first spot him diving underneath me to strafe (WTF is he BLIND??) going from my right to left...so I dip my nose and squirt off an oppurtnity of 20mm....I think I missed.

So I fly around a bit thinking hes getting on my 6...Im a cpl of klicks west of town and I turn around...no 109...(its a F). Truely this pilot has less SA than a dead squirrel.
Come back to town to find him pulling out of a strafing run and climbing and banking slowly....wow hes stupid too. Lucky me. Close in ...1 second of 20mm (did I mention I love 20mm?) and he nosedives.

Only 12 rank points for that. Rest of the night disolves into getting bounced and pilot killed in dogfights. Used all my karma up I guess.

A woot for the FAF. (Btw chan 90 is always way more active than the RAF chans, 55, 56 etc.)

Patch Schedule

For no other reason than its a fun exercise lets try and pick out when the next major patches will be coming out and some of the features we should be seeing. whee.

CRS says they plan to release a patch approx every 6 weeks, they are trying to release patches on a schedule rather than per content. Not a bad idea as any good ww2ol player lives for patch day.....

So 1.15 came out on 7/22/04 (yeah thanks CRS one day before I go on hols with no ww2ol access...waaaah...though I got to play at Ret's house in Sydney). 6 weeks later is week ending Sept 3 (auspicious date for ww2 game) however thats this week and they just locked features for 1.16 and so we wont see it this week. Next week , Sept 9 or so would be nice though I wouldnt be surprised if its the week after , week starting Sept 13.

1.15 has a few things...the introduction of Attack Objectives on bridges. whee, personally I think no one will use them and defenders will run around a lot blowing bridges like crazy. Attack Obj are not going to be used until they are actually required to capture flags.

Again I could be completely wrong , I predicted that people would use the mission spawn timer introduced in 1.6...hahahahahahahah (your sitting there thinking what timer aren't you?).

Oh yeah ATG goodness to - 6pdrs are gonna make Axis players cry.
So...1.15 mid September.

1.16 later October, Early november. Will this be the patch? Will CRS finally bite the bullet and introduce the brigade Orbat? The HCs have been given the orbats they have to work with, (6 army brigades for BEF..ugh) so its coming. God I hope so. 6 brigades for 8 towns supposdly...gonna be fun watching everyone try and pick the town with no defences...:P.
New tanks should arrive: pz IV, Crusader 6pdr and the Sherman (woot)..Will we be seeing new grass tech? More buildings too.

1.17 for Santa! Mid-Late December. Now im just guessing.:)
Different TOEs for brigades?
Tier 2 plane set? FW-190, Spix IX irrc and P-38 for French...French are starting to look almightly US in their equipment set...christ give em Garands already!..
Grass tech?
More buildings.

Well who knows but I think CRS has run out of excuses :) for putting deployment in. The first 6 months of 2005 will be very interesting imho.


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